This site is for the research and publications of LoVE members at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

LoVE research integrates ideas from a number of different fields including evolutionary genetics, virology, ecology, and infectious disease epidemiology. We conduct human and animal disease surveillance, virus isolation and characterization (genetic and phenotypic), then conduct large-scale analyses to generate hypotheses that we test in the lab using tissue culture and animal models. We are primarily interested in the roles played by mutation, natural selection, recombination/reassortment and host immune response on virus diversity within an individual, during transmission within a population and during inter-species transmission between hosts. We work mostly on influenza but also study a wide range of respiratory enteric and vector borne viruses. To a lesser extent we also work on vaccine strain selection, molecular diagnostics, and pathogen discovery. Our research program is directed at efforts to better understand viral disease ecosystems in Asia, specifically the animal-human interface, to inform and enhance disease control.