Opening Forum 'MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN' / 1 Sep 2015

Opening Forum ‘MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN’ / 1 Sep 2015

The Opening Forum of The Rector’s Programme will be held at 7pm on 1 September at the Chua Thian Poh Hall. The Guest speaker will be Mr Lim Siong Guan. Mr Lim has had an illustrious career having headed the civil service, was Executive Chairman of EDB and currently is the Group President of GIC. He will have much to share on the shaping of his life’s purpose, his principles and his passion.

Meet the Rector / 25 Aug 2015

Meet the Rector / 25 Aug 2015

The Rector’s Programme at the NUS University Scholars Programme (USP) is a series of personal and professional development talks and networking sessions, which aims at developing USP students’ intellectual aspirations, career directions and social responsibility beyond the University. It encourages and empowers students to lead a purpose-driven, meaningful and impactful life, both in the workplace and in the community at large. Guest speakers from the corporate, non-profit and public sectors will share with students the challenges they face and how they navigate the fast changing complex world.

The programme starts with Meet the Rector on 25th August at the USP Master’s Commons at 7pm. Ms Euleen Goh will share with you her life journey and experiences that have shaped her purpose and her principles.

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