The theme for the coming AY is “Coding for Social Good.”  We will work on open source projects (either existing or from scratch) that can help make the lives of others better.

We have six projects available at this time, on the theme of mobile healthcare. Four projects are in collaboration of Project Sana at MIT.  The other project is in collaboration with Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Overview of Sana’s Projects

As an organization, Sana’s mission is to use evidence-based medicine in an effort to make health care available to patient populations that have traditionally had both limited access and live in environments where significant constraints are placed on available resources. The following projects built on top of the open source Sana Mobile Health platform. One or more members of the Sana team will be available to provide guidance based on their experience and expertise to any students working on a project based on one of the included topics. All of the topics presented have applications at current, or proposed, studies that Sana is involved with, such that student projects may see immediate, or future, deployment at one of those study locations. This affords students a unique opportunity to potentially have both a direct, and significant impact, on the health of patients around the globe.

Overview of SGH Project

In order to decide the course of treatment for a burn victim, paramedics and healthcare workers need to estimate the total body surface area (TBSA) that suffers from burns. Current practices use several heuristics, such as the rule of nines [1] to provide a coarse estimations. Such estimation, however, is subjective and sometimes inaccurate, leading to over- or under-dose of fluids given to treat the burn victims. One major source of inaccuracy is that the heuristics fail to consider the variability in individual body shape and sizes. This project aims to develop a system that would improve the accuracy of TBSA estimation.

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