1. How is CS3281/2 different from CS3201/2 and CS3283/4?

      All three pairs of modules aim to train students in software engineering practices.

      Teaching and learning in CS3201/2 are more structured.  Every team works on the same predefined project; In CS3283/4, students get to work on different projects. CS3281/2 can be viewed as an intense/compressed version of CS3283/4 (we complete in one semester) with projects containing research components (for TP students) at a larger scale and greater complexity (for vNP students).

    2. How do I register for CS3281/2? 

      TP and vNP students should form teams among themselves and email me (ooiwt@comp.nus.edu.sg) with the team name, list of students (names, matriculation numbers, and email addresses). They may invite non-TP/non-vNP students to be part of the team, but more than half of the team members should be in either TP or vNP (so called “majority rule”).

      Non-TP/Non-vNP students who wish to take CS3281/2 should join one of the existing teams, without violating that “majority rule.”

    3. How do we determine the 6-hour weekly work slots? What if it clashes with other modules?

      I leave it to individual teams to find the best two 6-hours common slots to work together. I understand that it might be difficult, but since you should be taking only about 3 other modules (besides CS3281 and CS3282), it should not be too difficult either. It is OK if 1-2 members have to leave for, say, a tutorial, in the middle of the work slot.

      Each 6-hour slot should fall on the same day, but may not be contiguous. You need lunch break and tea break anyway!

    4. We have lectures on 1200 to 1400 every Wednesday in both VCRm and DV-001?

      We will not be holding regular weekly lecture. Wednesday 1200 to 1400 is reserved for class meetings, discussions, presentations, and guest lectures. The venue is VCRm (Video Conference Room at COM1 Level 2). DV-001 is just a dummy code to make the scheduling system happy.

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