Request for default user dictionary files

Hi all,

I have a few thousands of keyboard shortcuts for inputting Chinese characters on my IPAD2 running iOS5. However, I recently found out that they conflict with the English input system in that when the IPAD is in the English keyboard mode (when I want to type English), and a Chinese keyboard shortcut coincides with an existing English word, e.g., the shortcut ‘boy’ (which points to a particular Chinese character) coincides with the English word boy, the shortcut prevails. This is causing me great inconvenience and I want to remove all these shortcuts.
I have tried resetting the custom dictionary but the problem remains. Therefore, I am thinking of copying the default user dictionary files to overwrite those on my IPAD. These files are:

  • Library/keyboard/UserDictionary.sqlite
  • Library/keyboard/UserDictionary/WordKeyPairs.plist

If any kind soul out there has access to these files (you can export them using ibackupbot) and can send me a copy to save me from restoring the entire IPAD to factory default, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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