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OHS-NUS Libraries Recycling Tie-Up

We are proud to partner NUS Libraries on their used-books recycling initiative for 2012.

Being an institute of higher learning, residents of on-campus housing, whether students or faculty members, should have many books that are required for their academic needs. However, what happens when the books are no longer needed? NUS Libraries started a drive to collect and sell used books, donating the proceeds to the NUS Annual Giving Bursary for NUS Students with financial needs.

In our department’s drive to more eco-friendly, we are always looking for ways to reduce/reuse/recycle as well as to make it easier for our valued residents to do so. With this initiative from NUS Libraries, we see a unique collaboration which leverages on the strengths of both departments to benefit the NUS community and the environment. Setting up the collection infrastructure at Kent Vale, we will send all books collected to the Central Library for their sale. Please bring your books to be recycled and lpace them in the boxes at every lift lobby at Kent Vale, or the box in front of the Kent Vale Management Office.

For more information, check out NUS Libraries News & Events website here.