Teaching Connections is an e-platform for faculty members, students, administrative colleagues, and alumni to advance discussions about teaching and share effective practices and innovative ideas related to teaching, learning, student experience, and student support, within and beyond the limits of the physical classroom.  It is also a space for the sharing of useful resources relevant to the teaching and learning context of the NUS community.  This blog evolved from our previous e-newsletter CDTLink, which informed the NUS community about current and upcoming events happening at our Centre. Past issues of CDTLink can be found here.

Our audience are faculty and administrative colleagues, students, alumni and the wider public who are interested to know more about successful and innovative teaching around NUS.

We, therefore, welcome posts that are thoughtful and focused on a key aspect of the teaching and learning experience.  Each blog post 

  • is kept short, i.e. maximum of 500 words
  • does not need to follow a prescribed structure; posts which are not text-based, e.g. video or graphics-heavy posts, are welcome
  • could integrate text, images, and videos
  • provides a brief description of the context, highlights one key issue, and discusses it

Please refer to detailed submission guidelines.


We would like to acknowledge Dr Jenny SCOLES, Institute for Academic Development (IAD), University of Edinburgh for sharing her experience in managing the Teaching Matters blog. We have learned and drawn on her and IAD’s experience in our reconceptualisation of CDTLink.