EMA mobile tech

Project Title: Ecological Momentary Assessment using mobile technologies


Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) approaches are used to understand behaviour and the behavioural context in real time. Conducting EMA research on physical activity and diet behaviours is important as behaviour is often shaped by the momentary environment as well as current emotions and feeling states. Due to technological developments such research can now be carried out with smartphones leveraging on their capabilities to collect data in various ways: asking questions through applications, sensing movement, collecting location data etc.

Project aims

The short-term goal of this work is to understand how acceptable and feasible smartphone-based EMA research is and to modify procedures to ensure we can obtain high quality data in large-scale studies. Our mid-term goal is to set-up an EMA cohort with the goal of understanding how health behaviours unfolds in the daily lives of Singaporeans. Our long-term goal is to utilise knowledge from earlier work to design just-in-time-adaptive interventions that can support health behaviour change in real life settings.

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Last updated Jan 29, 2018