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Write to us at: mammal@sivasothi.com
Record your sightings here too.

We love to receive stories from people who have had personal encounters with the common palm civets of Singapore. They not only put smiles on our faces, but also help us in our public awareness and education efforts in addition to the implementation of research projects and studies. They also supplement ongoing research in conservation and management projects. Your contributed data and sightings information will be shared with other vertebrate researchers and managers in Singapore.

Highlights may be featured on Habitatnews from time to time (if the records are not confidential), e.g. http://tinyurl.com/habitatnews-mammal

Photos and videos are welcome, so do let us know if you’ve seen these fellas around!

Common palm civet seen at night

Common palm civet (Photo by Boh Zuze)

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4 thoughts on “Write to Us

  1. This couple has been roaming at the back of our house. Could have made a nest in our ceiling. Don’t see them often.
    Will upload pictures to your email.

  2. We saw a civet in our backyard at Dover – Medway Park. He was a lovely little animal. We have some photos but need to download them first. It was the first time we have seen this kind of animal so had to google it to find out. Please contact us if you need to know more.



  3. I live in opera estate/siglap area, so civets are rather common to us. however, there has been a really naughty fella roaming around my house leaving its poop everywhere on the roofing outside my window. is there any way to deter them without causing any harm to them?

  4. We have civets currently living in our roof (we are near University Road), and have had multiple sightings. I also have some good photos taken of it last year in our rambutan tree. Please feel free to contact me if you want more info. Belinda

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