Top ten things to do when you feel bored in Singapore(blog 10)


Top ten things to do when you feel bored in Singapore

(no particular order~)


Go to city Hall

When you feel bored no matter what time it is, go and wear your prettiest clothes, take a bus and go to city hall!~~~~ If it is during the day, you can enjoy the sunshine while walking along the bridge and see the beautiful blue sky and the sea. Don’t forget to take some photos~!


Go to Esplanade theatre

Esplanade is a very famous landmark in Singapore, maybe among the top 10! It has a free concert of different theme every month. Many people will go and see it. I’ve been there once and I liked it!

There are also many good restaurants but I’ve never eaten there because they are a little expensive.


Go swimming in NUS

If you get a student card, you can swim for free. Just go swimming to relax yourself. You will feel very good after swimming!


Read a book in library

NUS has two very good libraries which I love so much- the science and the central library. If you feel very bored, just go and read a book you never touched. It is an interesting thing.


Go to used book store

You can go to bugis and explore the used book store. Maybe you will find a book you have been searching for a long time or just find something useful.


Enjoy the sea wind on the top floor of Vivo City

Well, it is a good place to relax from pressure and have some fun. See the cables go around and look far into a distance of Sentosa. It will be better if you buy a roasted chicken to go with you!~~


Watch Singapore local film

Well, if you feel really bored, the Singapore local films may make you laugh~ very funny films!


Find a fellow to go shopping in Orchard

Go shopping is always the best thing to do if you are fond of it. For example, I can keep walking for all day long. It is okay if you just go window shopping lah~


Go to marina bay

Go and enjoy the night scenery of marina bay! You will never forget it then. It is so beautiful! When you see it, you may think the light is really an magical thing. It can make the night so fantastic and charming.


Have a drink in Clake Quay

If you want to do this, you should be an adult then. It is stupid to drink so much alcohol!!!!!! However, have a cocktail with a good friend when you feel bored may be a good choice. When enjoying it, you can talk about the old good days hah~

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