Intricacy – Thai Art by NUS Students

The Department of Southeast Asian Studies is proud to present ‘Intricacy‘, a Thai Art exhibition by students of module SE3224 Thai Drawing and Painting.

The exhibition will be held at the NUS Central Library from 9 to 14 September 2015. It is located outside the library restricted area and is open to all.

For directions to NUS Central Library, please go to NUS Campus map:

Intricacy Thai Art Exhibition 9-14 Sept 2015

FASS Student Leadership Award (2014/2015)

The Department of Southeast Asian Studies is pleased to announce that our student, Khoo Yi Feng (ARS3), has been awarded the FASS Student Leadership Award for AY2014/2015 for his contributions towards the Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme. The FASS Student Leadership Award (FSLA) recognises student leaders beyond academic excellence, and aims to reward students who demonstrate student leadership, foster experiential learning, and enhance outreach activities within FASS and the wider community.

Congratulations to Yi Feng!

Southeast Asia in Context Summer School 2015

Application for Southeast Asia in Context Summer School 2015 is now open.

Hosted by the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at NUS in cooperation with the International Alliance of Research Universities Global Summer Program (IARU GSP), this International Residential Summer School on Southeast Asia which is also offered under the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FASSTrack Asia Summer School is designed to provide students with the opportunity to live, study, and travel together, making it a valuable learning experience that extends beyond normal classroom-related activities.

The highlight of this course is the 10-day fieldtrip to Myanmar or Indonesia where students will be exposed to local cultures and will be engaged in on-site lectures by both the course instructors and local experts.

Please visit FASSTrack Asia website to find out more.

Students from the following IARU member universities may apply through the IARU Global Summer Programme (GSP) 

1. Australian National University
2. ETH Zurich
3. Peking University
4. University of California, Berkeley
5. University of Cambridge
6. University of Copenhagen
7. University of Oxford
8. The University of Tokyo
9. Yale University

Summer School 2015  NUS SEAIC_Page_1

Summer School 2015  NUS SEAIC_Page_2

No Longer a ‘Noob’ in Martial Arts by Wee Min Er (Year 2 student, Southeast Asian Studies major)

Drawing a wonderful end to SE3880B, I can proudly say that even though I do not practice martial arts, I am not a noob in understanding martial arts in Southeast Asia. If anyone is thinking of what SE modules to take the next academic year, do consider SE3880B!

Wee Min Er, a 2nd year Southeast Asian Studies major, shares with us her experience in learning about Martial Arts in Southeast Asia through the module SE3880B. Read more…

About SE3880B Martial Arts in Southeast Asia

This module introduces the student to the study of martial arts in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian martial arts are products of hundreds of years of cultural exchange and historical interaction with various civilizations. This module offers students an exciting opportunity to experience and learn a variety of forms of Southeast Asian martial arts. Students enrolled in the module will also experience the exciting physical and cultural practices that are essential in the learning of the martial arts through hands on sessions.

Topeng Calonarang – A Story of Magic and Power


NUS Department of Southeast Asian Studies, with support from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and NUS Office of Student Affairs, is proud to present Topeng Calonarang – A Story of Magic and Power.

Topeng Calonarang tells the story of the exploits of the widow witch of Dirah and King Erlangga of Kediri, East Java. Derived from classical texts composed in the fourteenth century, the story of Calonarang is very well-known in Bali. Performances of Calonarang include a host of actors playing different roles ranging from witches, animals, students of magic, comedians and the lion-like Barong.  The play is traditionally associated with death and resurrection and is often performed as part of temple ceremonies.

Produced and directed for the first time by students in the class SE3230 Seen and Unseen: Explorations in Balinese Theatre, this student led production is a Bali-Singapore (NUS) first. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase the close bilateral ties Singapore has with Indonesia as well as the fascinating beauty of Balinese dance drama, rarely seen in Singapore. The performance will also feature guest dancers from Singapore’s only Balinese dance group, Eka Suwara Santhi.

Migrant Workers Habitats in Singapore – assignment by students of SE3216 (Semester 2, AY2013/2014)

As part of their assignment, students of the module SE3216 Migration and Diaspora in Southeast Asia went around Singapore to visit and take photos of migrant workers’ places of congregation and leisure activities in Singapore.

A mapped collection of photos taken by the students are available for viewing here.

About SE3216 Migration and Diaspora in Southeast Asia

This module seeks to understand the complex trajectories, meanings, and outcomes of human mobility in Southeast Asia during the modern period.  The main topics of this module include migration patterns and diasporic identities, cosmopolitans and hybrids, political and cultural minorities, as well as displacement and refugees.  Readings and discussion will include both theoretical approaches to these topics as well as empirical and ethnographic case studies.

Southeast Asian Night 2014, Wed 14 March 2014

Mark your calendars!!

Join us for a fun-filled night of Southeast Asia music and dance on Friday 14 March 2014.

Venue: NUS Theatrette (LT13)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore


Presented to you by NUS Southeast Asian Studies and Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd., this performance will feature the meditative sounds of Central Javanese gamelan, the dynamic explosions of Gong Kebyar of Bali and the flirtatious ‘twerking’ of West Java.

Admission is FREE and refreshments will be provided. Reserve your seat today via

Tickets are to be collected at the door 30 mins before showtime.