FASS Awards Ceremony 2019

The annual FASS Awards Ceremony celebrates the pursuit of excellence across all domains, academic and non-academic achievements alike. From Special Book Prizes and Gold Medals for high-performing undergraduates to the FASS Student Leadership Award (#FSLA) which rewards leadership in extra-curricular activities, the Faculty’s bid to cultivate well-rounded students is an unceasing one.

Our heartiest congratulations our award winners!

  1. Jennifer Stephanie Silver
    Benjamin Batson Medal and Prize
    (Best Graduate Student in Masters of Arts)
  2. Levonne Goh Yan Xin
    Kernial Singh Sandhu Prize
    (Best Southeast Asian Studies Honours in Year 4)
  3. Jamie Annabelle Lee Tzea Lynn
    ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute Prize
    (Best Southeast Asian Studies Major in Year 3)
  4. Koh Tze Yang
    Special Book Prize in Southeast Asian Studies
    (Best Southeast Asian Studies Major in Year 2)