Learning outside the Classroom – Prof John N Miksic

Prof John N Miksic was recently featured in the NUS Centre For the Arts 25th Anniversary Commemorative Publication. Check it out here.

“The NUS Museum makes it possible for me to add a whole new dimension to my teaching. The NUS Museum is always an integral part of my summer school class SE22n Southeast Asian Social History: Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Tourism. The exhibition Between Here & Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art (2013-2016), on the history of Singapore art over the last 50 years fits perfectly with my attempts to get students to think about the various currents, which have influenced the evolution of a Singaporean identity from the late colonial period until today. No other institution in Singapore provides such an art historical perspective on Singapore and the region as NUS Museum.”

-Professor John Miksic
NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
Department of Southeast Asian Studies