STEER Sail Indonesia

Join an amazing voyage on a classic sailing ship (like the one in attached picture) through the Riau Archipelago and along Sumatra’s coast, stopping at islands, exploring Indonesian multi-ethnic towns, water villages, ports, tiny fishing communities, a remote uninhabited isle, the Berbak National Park and tiger reserve on Sumatra, and the great Indragiri river. Visit markets, archaeological and cultural sites, and meet locals. On kayaks explore streams and lagoons. Learn about and feel the history, culture, nature, and economic situation of the region – and the many perspectives on its potential and its woes. Critically reflect on modernity and development, speed and slowness. Learn basic Indonesian. Learn about ships and get to know intimately the sea and its importance in this region, today and in centuries past. Experience how it feels to live with fellow sailors in the tiny floating world of the boat; and learn how to sail: work in a team hoisting sails, keeping watch, navigating, reading charts, taking the helm and steering the ship. We will have a captain, but you will be the crew!

Assoc Prof Jan Mrázek, the tour leader, writes and teaches about Indonesia, as well as travel and ships. He has traveled throughout Indonesia, when possible on ships and ferries, and sailed on a container ship from Europe to Singapore.

Open to all NUS students! We have places for only 12 students, so email us soon!
Dates: 13-26 May 2017
Cost: TBA, estimated between $1,200 and $1,600 after subsidy.

If you might be interested and/or have questions, please email Jan Mrázek at . No commitment necessary at this point – we just want to know about your possible interest, so that we can provide more information about cost and deadlines when it becomes available.

 This is a brand new STEER program, a pilot voyage. For info on STEER, see

Organised by the Department of Southeast Asian Studies and the International Relations Office, NUS.