Launch of “From the Ashes – Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics”

The much awaited exhibition “From the Ashes: Reviving Myanmar Ceramics” was officially launched by Assoc Prof Itty Abraham with an opening speech at the NUS Museum on 8 February 2017 as part of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies Silver Jubilee celebrations.

The exhibition consists of about 100 objects, most of which were made at the Twante site approximately 35 kilometers west of Yangon. Many of the Twante items are believed to date from the fifteenth century, when production of ceramics there reached its apogee. From Myanmar, Twante ceramics were traded as far away as Japan, the Philippines, and Julfar on the Arabian Peninsula.

The exhibition catalogue includes a chapter entitled “Twante and the study of Southeast Asian glazed pottery” by Prof John Miksic of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies and a contribution by Southeast Asian Studies alumna Ms Foo Su Ling titled “Curatorial notes: Archaeology and Innovation”.

As part of the launch, Dr Myo Thant Tyn, a Myanmar chemist and head of the Myanmar Ceramic Society, was invited to share his attempts at reviving the ancient art of glazed pottery making. Dr Myo has been trying to revive the pottery-making industry in Twante to take advantage of the new market for old style pottery which is emerging due to a newly-expanded tourist market.

The exhibition will run from 9 February to 30 December 2017 at the NUS Museum Archaeology Library. Admission is free.

Sharing session by Dr Myo Thant Tyn.