No Longer a ‘Noob’ in Martial Arts by Wee Min Er (Year 2 student, Southeast Asian Studies major)

Drawing a wonderful end to SE3880B, I can proudly say that even though I do not practice martial arts, I am not a noob in understanding martial arts in Southeast Asia. If anyone is thinking of what SE modules to take the next academic year, do consider SE3880B!

Wee Min Er, a 2nd year Southeast Asian Studies major, shares with us her experience in learning about Martial Arts in Southeast Asia through the module SE3880B. Read more…

About SE3880B Martial Arts in Southeast Asia

This module introduces the student to the study of martial arts in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian martial arts are products of hundreds of years of cultural exchange and historical interaction with various civilizations. This module offers students an exciting opportunity to experience and learn a variety of forms of Southeast Asian martial arts. Students enrolled in the module will also experience the exciting physical and cultural practices that are essential in the learning of the martial arts through hands on sessions.