New Publication: Southeast Asian Ceramics: New Light On Old Pottery by John N Miksic (ed.)


Miksic, John N (ed.), Southeast Asian Ceramics: New Light On Old Pottery, 1st ed., Singapore, Southeast Asian Ceramics Society, 2009

Southeast Asia Ceramics: New Light on Old Pottery accompanies the exhibition of the same name, held at the National University of Singapore Museum. In this present volume, notable archaeologist and scholar John N Miksic reconstructs a vivid image of the development of Southeast Asia’s unique ceramic technology. Along with Pamela M Watkins, Dawn F Rooney and Michael Flecker, he summarises the fruits of the research of the last 40 years, beginning with the founding of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society in Singapore in 1969. The result is a comprehensive and insightful overview of the technology, aesthetics and organisation, both economic and political, of seemingly diverse territories in pre-colonial Southeast Asia.