Keynote speakers, speakers and abstracts

(We are publishing the abstracts as a series of blog posts, so the list of abstracts is continuously being updated.)

Keynote speakers

  1. Prof. Hilde Heynen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (see abstract & bios)
  2. Prof. William Logan, Deakin University (see abstract & bios)
  3. Prof. Mark Crinson, The University of Manchester (see abstract & bios)

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Dr. Tutin Aryanti, Indonesia University of Education (see abstract & bios)
  2. Dr. Lilian Chee, National University of Singapore (see abstract & bios)
  3. Dr. Francis Chia-Hui Lin, Taylor’s University (see abstract & bios)
  4. Dr. Cecilia Chu, The University of Hong Kong (see abstract & bios)
  5. Dr. Lawrence Chua, Syracuse University (see abstract & bios)
  6. Dr. Chomchon Fusinpaiboon, Chulalongkorn University (see abstract & bios)
  7. Assoc. Prof. Hazel Hahn, Seattle University (see abstract & bios)
  8. Dr. Mark Hinchman, Taylor’s University (see abstract & bios)
  9. Dr. Xiao Jing, City University of Hong Kong (see abstract & bios)
  10. Prof. Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan, Universitas Indonesia (see abstract & bios)
  11. Prof. Gerard Lico, University of the Philippines (see abstract & bios)
  12. Assoc. Prof. Koompong Noobanjong, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (see abstract & bios)
  13. Assoc. Prof. Anoma Pieris, University of Melbourne (see abstract & bios)
  14. Dr. Pirasri Povatong, Chulalongkorn University (see abstract & bios)
  15. Dr. Peter Scriver, University of Adelaide (see abstract & bios)
  16. Dr. Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, Bryn Mawr College (see abstract & bios)
  17. Dr. Eunice Seng, The University of Hong Kong (see abstract & bios)
  18. Dr. Amit Srivastava, University of Adelaide (see abstract & bios)
  19. Dr. Su Su, Mandalay Technical University
  20. Assoc. Prof. Iwan Sudradjat, Institut Teknologi Bandung (see abstract & bios)
  21. Mr. Tan Yuk Hong, Ian, University of Leicester (see abstract & bios)
  22. Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (see abstract & bios)
  23. Prof. Lorelei D. C. de Viana, Far Eastern University in Manila (see abstract & bios)
  24. Dr. Indah Widiastuti, Institut Teknologi Bandung (see abstract & bios)
  25. Mr. Punto Wijayanto, Indonesia Heritage Trust (see abstract & bios)
  26. Prof. Tim Winter, Deakin University (see abstract & bios)

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