5 January 

0830-0900  Registration

0900-0910   Welcome Address, Wong Yunn-Chii, Head of Department

0910-0915   Introduction to SEAARC by Kah-Wee Lee

0915-1015    Keynote Speech 1 , Carl Trocki (Moderator: Wong Yunn-Chii)

1015-1215    Session 1: ARCHIVES (Chair: Imran bin Tajudeen)

  • Loh Kah Seng, “Urban Others: Making Do with the Singapore Archives”
  • Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen, “The Other ‘Other’: Reframing and Defining Research on Southeast Asia Colonial and Postcolonial Architecture and Urbanism”
  • Shelby Elizabeth Doyle, “City of Water: Politics of Infrastructure in Phnom Penh”
  • Simone Chung, “The Coliseum Theatre as a ‘Dream Palace’ and Site for Collective Engagement”

1215-1330   Lunch

1330-1500  Session 2: TELEOLOGY (Chair: Anoma Pieris)

  • Pat Seeumpornroj, “Situated Identity and Negotiation of Space through Suvarnabhumi Airport”
  • Jayde Lin Roberts, “Yangon’s  Modern Past: tradition as an elite and imposed inheritance”
  • Lauren Yapp, “Of Karsten and Concrete: reclaiming colonial modernity through heritage advocacy in Semarang, Indonesia”

1500-1530  Tea

1530-1700 Session 3: TELEOLOGY (Chair: Kah-Wee Lee)

  • Roger Nelson, “Locating the Domestic in Vann Molyvann’s National Sports Complex”
  • Brian Curtin, “Cruising Sauna: Space and ‘Gay’ Male Sexuality in Bangkok”
  • Elmo Gonzaga, “Window Displays and Movie Screens: architectural interfaces and media ecologies of capitalism in 1930s and 60s Metropolitan Manila”

1830-2000  Symposium Dinner


6 January

0900-1000 Keynote Speech, Abidin Kusno (Moderator: Johannes Widodo)

1000-1200  Session 4: TYPES (Chair: Lilian Chee)

  • Lawrence Chua, “The Floating Paradise: New Typologies of Lust and Mobility in Cold War-era Bangkok”
  • Chee Kien Lai, “Private Housing as Type in Singapore Architecture”
  • Simon Soon, “Dato Fatimah in Chinese Body: A House Temple Typifying Homely and Unhomely Presence”
  • Cecilia Bischeri and Silvia Micheli, “Mutating the Architectural Types of the Global City”

1200-1300  Lunch

1300-1430  Session 5: VIOLENCE (Chair: Chang Jiat-Hwee)

  • Jennifer Ferng, “States of Exception: Unlawful Violence and Dwelling in Private Indonesian Detention Centres”
  • Chatri Prakitnonthakan, “Ultra-Thai Architecture after the 2006 d’etat”
  • Michael Pante, “The Subversive Suburbs: Quezon City during the Marcos Era”

1430-1500  Tea

1500-1630  Session 6: VIOLENCE (Chair: Lai Chee Kien)

  • Anoma Pieris, “Southeast Asia as Imperial Border Region: a carceral geography of the Pacific War”
  • Heong Hong Por, “Mass Burial Site of Malaya’s May Thirteenth Victims in Sungai Buloh Leprosarium: Segregated Memories and Abandoned Monuments in the Othered Space”
  • Pedro Guedes, “Becoming the Other”

1630-1700  Break

1700-1815  Roundtable Discussion