New documentary on Van Molyvann

In past two decades or so, there has been a surge of interests in modernist architecture in around the world, especially those outside Western Europe and North America. These modernist architecture are typically not considered “canonical” nor are they included in the mainstream historical narratives of modern architecture (as Hilde Heynen also suggests in her abstract below) but many scholars and advocates have argued that they are important and deemed them as embodying important legacies of cultural modernities, societal modernization and (inter)nationalism. A group of such modernist architecture are the works of Cambodian architect Van Molyvann. Apparently a new documentary has been produced on him:

From the trailer (I could not find any other information about the documentary online), this appears to be also an attempt to rally support to preserve the many Molyvann’s buildings that are currently being threatened with demolition and redevelopment, if they have not already been demolished or altered beyond recognition. For what it is worth, I have written on Molyvann’s modern architecture and their entanglements with post-colonial nationalism in a piece targeted at general readers.

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