Background & Scope

Large-scale Sediment Transport and Turbidity in Singapore’s Coastal Waters

Suspended particulate matter has been steadily increasing around Singapore due to extensive human interferences such as dredging, reclamation and fluvial inputs. Increased turbidity particularly threatens coastal ecosystems. This project identified a sediment budget for Singapore’s coastal waters to determine the processes responsible for this increase, including sediment sources and sinks.

The sediment budget is determined through a combination of satellite imagery (including maps of surface sediment concentration), ground-referencing (of flow velocities, fine sediment concentration and laboratory analysis) and numerical modeling (of transport of sand and fine particles due to tide-, wind-, density-driven currents and waves).

This structured analysis and quantification of sedimentation and erosion parameters provides a better understanding of the uncertainties surrounding sediment sources, distribution and budgets in Singapore coastal waters.

Principal Investigators: Liew Soo Chin (NUS), Bas van Maren (Deltares)



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