Research Projects

SDWA carried out eight research programmes in three themes. In addition to these research programmes, several applied research and specialist consultancy projects were carried out. The overview below links to a description of each of the projects.

Freshwater Programmes

Upper Peirce Research Programme: improve understanding of hydrodynamic, chemical, biological, and biochemical processes in tropical reservoirs through experimental work, modelling and advanced and innovative monitoring.

Multi-objective Multiple Reservoir Research Programme: developing tools for the most complex water systems, in order to support appropriate management decisions.

Aquatic Science Centre – Pandan Research Programme: towards improved urban water management through the establishment of an Aquatic Science Centre in Singapore.

Saltwater Programmes

MHBox:  understanding the causes of residual, non-tidal sea levels and currents (anomalies) in the Singapore region and from the understanding to develop a potential maritime decision support system for various potential stakeholders.

Sediment: aimed to determine the processes responsible for the increased turbidity by identification of a sediment budget of the Singapore coastal waters, including the main sources and sinks (and the changes thereof) and of the dominant sediment transport mechanisms.

Mangroves: looked into several aspects of mangoves, such as rates of sediment capture and erosion, and dispersion of seeds. The research is continued at the Mangrove Lab.

Corals and Seagrass: aimed to improve understanding of the natural dynamics of seagrass and coral ecosystems in tropical coastal waters in response to environmental variability in turbidity and sedimentation.

Peatland Programme

Peatland: aims to support large-scale science-based implementation of improved water management and improved spatial planning of production and conservation areas in peatlands in Southeasdt Asia.

Applied Research and Specialist Consultancy Projects

  • Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir Study (PUB/HDB)
  • Punggol Waterway Study (HDB)
  • Under Carriageway Water Storage (JTC)
  • Water Intake/Outfall Studies (Private Sector)
  • Plant Selection Study (NParks/CUGE)
  • Water Quality Study (NParks/CUGE)
  • Peatland Management Programme (NEA)

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