July 2018


  • Rowan, Simon, Craig and Amit all attended ICOMC 2018 in Florence on 15th to 20th July. Rowan gave a talk and the rest presented their work during the poster sessions.


  • Craig gave a talk and Amit and Simon presented posters at the 4th installment of the Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium at NTU on 27th July. Craig and Simon both won prizes for their contributions. Well done guys!


June 2018



January 2018


  • Welcome to Richa Gupta who joins the group for her PhD studies. She will be working on Main Group Catalysis for the functionalisation of C-F bonds.


  • Also welcome to Dr Hendrik Tinnermann who joins as Post Doc from Manuel Alcarazo’s group. He will be working on pincer complexes and other organometallic chemistry.


December 2017



  • Welcome to Dipendu Mandal who starts research investigating main group catalysis.


November 2017



October 2017



  • Welcome to Lorraine who joins the group to work on a project involving organoiron chemistry.


September 2017


  • Goodbye to Tan Hui Yee who leaves to continue her undergraduate studies at Imperial College London, UK.


August 2017


  • Welcome to Li Heng who joins the group to start his final year project on the design of new pincer ligands.


  • Craig will be presenting a poster at the Chemistry Graduate Society annual poster symposium on 11th August.


  • Craig will be attending the SciFinder Future Leaders Programme in Columbus, OH and Washington, DC. Good luck and have fun (on your all expenses paid trip for two weeks)!


  • Congratulations to Simon and Tim on having their paper accepted in Organometallics! Special thanks to Tobias Krämer from Heriot-Watt University, UK for his help with the DFT calculations.


July 2017


  • Best of luck to Kabilan who leaves to start his PhD studies in ANU, Australia.
  • The group participated in the 3rd Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium (SICS 2017), where Craig and Amit each presented research posters and Simon gave an oral presentation.
Opening comments by Rowan
Oral presentation by Simon
Invited plenary speaker Prof. Simon Aldridge from Oxford


  • Congrats to Amit and Simon who won prizes for Best Poster and Oral presentation respectively!
Oral presentation prize winners: from left to right: Simon Sung (NUS), Di Wu (NTU), Van-Ha Nguyen (NUS)


  • Welcome to Wan Bing Khiang (FYP) and Tan Hui Yee (exchange student) who join the group to start projects based on main group catalysis.


  • Good luck to Vanessa Wee for the rest of her studies, who leaves after finishing her UROPS project with us.


June 2017


  • Welcome to Vanessa Wee (UROPS), Shaun Tan (UROPS) and Pragati Kishore (Postdoc).


May 2017


  • All the best to Tim, Ain and Charmaine who leave the group after completing their FYP projects. Congrats on your exam results and enjoy graduation!


January 2017


  • Welcome to Tom Peters and Kabilan Sripathy who join as an intern student from the University of Nottingham and an exchange student from the University of Sydney.


August 2016


  • Welcome to Nurul Ain Binte Rejap who joins as a FYP student.


July 2016


  • Kelvin has left the group to take up a research fellowship at NTU, Singapore. All the best!


  • Prof. Young and Craig attended ICOMC 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. Prof. Young gave a talk and Craig presented a poster.


  • Simon, Amit, Qingyang, Kelvin and Timothy attended SICS 2016 at NTU, Singapore. Kelvin gave a talk and Simon presented a poster.


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