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Sharing Experience Is Important For A Better Future Shared Hosting Review

More than a year ago I signed up for a shared hosting package from and today I’d like to write a review to share my experience about their service.

After signing up and setting up my sites, I used uptimerobot and pingdom to monitor my sites, so that I could immediately get notified if there is anything wrong with my sites. Uptimerobot is a great free uptime monitoring service, but they don’t have report about page load time. Pingdom is a paid service which has report for page speed monitoring.

Every month I checked reports to keep track of my website. I buy shared hosting from many companies, but I have to admit that multistars is the best shared hosting out there. Uptime of my sites are 100% most of the time, and they have never fallen bellow 99.9%. Uptime is very important for my sites because my sites do a lot of small transactions everyday. Page speed report from pingdom shows the page load is always 1 to 2 seconds, which is just great for any webmaster.

UptimeRobot Report (Multistars)

I can only recalled 1 time that I opened a support ticket with them because I couldn’t add an addon domain. Their support ticket is very responsive and helpful. Within a few minutes they replied and told me why I couldn’t add the addon domain (the domain need to point DNS to their server first), and a few minutes after the first reply, they told me again they have added that addon domain for me. Their support gave me a surprise. In my almost 10 years of working in online business I had never seen such a helpful and timely support.

Well, my review about multistars shared hosting is as simple as that. I have nothing to complain about their service. I had renewed my service for another year, and everything has been working just fine. Strongly recommend this company to everyone.


  1. I signed up an account with them since March 2016. It has been about one year and a half and I have seen 1 time that my site suddenly got 403 forbidden error. They told me my site had more than 5000 hits within 4 minutes, so the server automatically block access to my site. That down time lasted for 30 minutes. They told me firewall setting was automatic to protect the server.

  2. Been with them for a few months. Customer support is very responsive, but the network to China is occasionally slow. Their support couldn’t fix the problem since they said due to their upstream provider. They moved my account to another network and it works satisfactorily. For the price I have nothing to complain about. Rated 8/10

  3. I really appreciate the great help from Multistars tech support. They helped correct some issues with my htaccess file. Their server is blazing fast. Hope they can sustain their business at the current affordable price (less than a buck per month).

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