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Radiation pollution – a continuum

In previous posts, I have touched on issues ranging from: the management of radioactive substances, mobilisation mechanisms¬†and¬†transportation of radioactive substances, along with several case studies. Hence in this post I will consolidate some of this information with relevance to the pollutant transfer continuum! Potential pollutant source Natural sources (that also happen to be non-point) Radon-222: […]

Consuming radiation – Radiation pollution and the food chain

Consuming radiation - Radiation pollution and the food chain

The Fukushima nuclear disaster delivered massive amounts of radioactivity into the sea, and radioactive isotopes soon made their way into the marine food chain.     Radioisotopes released into the atmosphere from the Daiichi nuclear power plant fell into the ocean Water used to cool reactors flushed radioisotopes fell into the sea Microscopic marine plants […]

Rethinking radon – radioactive spas

Rethinking radon - radioactive spas

I came across an interesting article on ABC News titled, “At a German Health Spa, Radiation Is King”. This led me to come up with a post on the therapeutic functions of radioactivity, and for us to rethink radiation as something beyond a source of pollution and harm to humans. In Germany, hundreds of elderly […]

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