Episode 5 – Pitch of salt

After two sessions of pitches, internal and external, somehow it seems that the internal pitches were done better! *CLAP* Well, not all the external pitches were bad, some of them were pretty awesome, but the comic sans and the cyan colour on white was awful!

Some of the ideas that caught my attention are:

Garena’s Collaborative ordering of food idea – In fact, years back when I was involved in my own start up, I had a start up that was similar to FoodPanda, so anyway while doing market research I came across this platform that contains features which fits exactly what Garena pitched, I cannot remember the name of the platform though. Here’s a cute logo of my start up back then! It died eventually as we couldn’t convince enough merchants to get onboard with us.

PlanIt sounds like a cool idea, I always wish that whatsapp/telegram has a feature that allows consolidating of attendance for meet-ups in group conversations and PlanIt seems to be solving the same problem. However, I feel that there might be too many features in the idea and can be misleading. From my experiences, I feel that a project should have a simple and clear vision and the direction of features should follow that vision, something that many people do not see. Personally, I experienced that when a project grows, people tend to lose focus on the direction of the product and implement features that could be redundant.

For the internal pitches:

I kind of like the NUSDollar idea, I think that the currency can be used for more stuff relating to NUS, however the economy would be critical, how to ensure that the currency is regulated properly.

I also like the idea of creating a match making application that takes focus away from the superficial aspects of humans, but I am not sure if this is even possible, as personally I believe that the outer appearance would still be a deciding factor to a certain extent.

I also pitched a mini-hack project that me and Jingwen did over the election day. Personally, I was shocked at the responses we got back, I was certainly not expecting any positive comments, and was all ready to be shot at. The responses certainly got my group to seriously consider the possibility of the idea for our final project.

Well, a thing I learnt from my past experiences and the pitches is to take feedbacks with a pinch of salt. In some occasion, some people might say certain things simply to attempt at wavering your decisions in their benefit. What I learnt is to be critical of things and to not plan for your success ahead of it.


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