Episode 4 – A new beginning

I know I know this was suppose to be posted weeks ago. Ask for forgiveness not permission right? Heh.

Anyway, so Assignment 1 ended, and I guess things went pretty alright! We manage to complete all our targeted features by the deadline, fixed major UI/UX issues and I guess the overall appearance had improved greatly as it progressed.

What is HawkerHub?

The initial vision of HawkerHub is to provide a portal where people are able to get recommendation of food near them. Compared to other food review sites where they tend to be more restaurant-centric, we were attempting to focus more on the food as well as the location. However as it progressed, we kind of lost of direction and became more of an Instagram for food.

My team for Assignment 1 appears to have 4 developers. However, we eventually only really had 2 developers, 1 designer and 1 business guy/PM.

Andhieka was our designer, I believe he is new to designing, and had managed to come up with some pretty impressive design.

Evan was the front-end coder, his code is super neat and tidy however he doesn’t seem to agree with that.

I was in-charge of the back-end, nothing spectacular.

Kiwi was the business guy/PM, however he did help out with backend at the beginning!

I personally think that the final product is pretty decent, and I am happy at how it turned out at the end. 🙂


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