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I wouldn’t say that I’m an avid fan/user of Spotify, and neither am I a premium user of Spotify. In fact, I’ve only started to use Spotify recently (early this year). I use Spotify mainly only when I require a constant stream of music without having to choose my songs (while coding), for some of you that might be wondering, YouTube simply takes up too much resources due to the video playing. With that, I find that some of the points presented conflicts with what I feel about the application.

Dark is bad. Not something that everyone likes.

Well, personally I’ve no issues with the theme. In fact, I like the dark theme as it is softer on the eyes and helps differentiate itself from other application. However, then again it is impossible for everyone to like the same things, maybe in this sense, Spotify should have an alternate theme just for the other block in this party.

Spotify is like a radio, because of the many ads.

As someone whom uses Spotify for its constant stream of music, the advertisements are far from annoying. After using YouTube without ad-block during internship, I begin to appreciate Spotify even more, YouTube advertisements were of different volumes and could end up choppy due to loading times, whereas in my experience of using Spotify, the advertisement seems to fit in well, subtly and the song continuous without any pause. Occasionally, I might even fail to notice that there was an advertisement inserted.

Free streaming allows for wider market reach.

I have to agree on this point. Free streaming was the only reason why I used the application and will be the only reason why I’ll use it. As a free user, I’ve no issues with Spotify inserting advertisements inbetween songs (as long as it remains subtle to me) as long as it helps them stay afloat and remain freeeee!

Up till this point, it seems that Spotify has been all good and no bad. However, I’ve to admit, I’ve had my bad experiences with Spotify. When I first started using Spotify, I signed up using Facebook, downloaded the application, and tried logging in using Facebook again, lo and behold, I couldn’t login and had to register for a new account.

In conclusion, personally I feel that there has yet to be a song/artiste/band that I am unable to find on Spotify (subjective to my own range of songs), this makes Spotify my only source of music now, and I certainly do not foresee myself using another application for my music needs soon.

Cheers! Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Spotify Critique

  1. Free streaming is indeed convenient. I have been using the Streamus Chrome extensionfor the past year and unfortunately YouTube has decided to shut Streamus down. Spotify was the next best thing I went for.

    Using Spotify, I realised was that it became rather convenient as my playlists and preferences goes along as I switch computers and sign in with my Facebook account. Not only that, they provided lyrics within the app to keep users within the app.

    That brings me to ponder how much feature to include in the app is too much? We can add lyrics into a music app, but sometimes would be seen as a feature not needed. The subjectivity of including/excluding features is beyond my understanding. But I guess as long as the team agrees on the set of features to implement, they are set for it.

    • Hey Sam,

      I’ve to agree with your point on how much feature is too much? I think with regards to this, a team has to really understand the vision/direction of the product and to sit down together and determine feature by feature whether it is a “good-to-have”, a “must-have” or simply “no-need-to-have”.


  2. Hi,

    I think that while free streaming is a good solution to break into the market as an initial strategy, they should have looked at turning it around into a freemium model in order to stop bleeding money. ie., still provide free services, but allow some form of paid add ons that does not require a monthly subscription. Perhaps to entice people to add on cooler features that premium users get.

    As the free user tries more of such premium features, they might then wish to upgrade to premium for real.

    I do not think it is a smart choice for them to stay completely free and still stay afloat. Advertisements can only help them if their free users are loyal to them. With competitors around, user base around such applications will get diversified. Thus, they should try to do something cool soon.

    Ming Yi

    • Hey Ming Yi,

      Your points are valid, and sometimes I ponder over how certain application can stay afloat without any form of monetisation (Telegram). Then again, staying free makes users happy 😀


  3. Evan Sebastian

    Hi QuanYang,

    I think the most important point of advertisement is neither its subtlety nor its impact on listening experience, but its relevance with the content the users currently enjoy.

    Sometimes I get hip hop adds when listening to rock, and what’s annoying is that Spotify should’ve be the capability to match the ad with the genre of my music quite easily, but for some reason they aren’t doing it.

  4. Good writeup. I find that Spotify does the balance between selling ad space and minimizing annoyance to users pretty well. When I was still a free user, I received decent targeted ads which were mostly localized. It didn’t disrupt the listening experience at all.

    Absolutely in love with the dark theme, though I agree it’ll be great if they had a theming option. Seeing that they pride themselves in building a decoupled UI/Backend framework for the clients, this shouldn’t be too difficult 🙂


    • Nathan Azaria

      Personally, I got really annoyed with the ultra dark theme since my laptop’s screen is very reflective and I can see my face when the screen is pitch black :’)

      I agree that YouTube uses up resources because of the video format, and the volume is inconsistent. However, seems like my taste of music is a bit niche and I can’t find my favorite songs on Spotify 🙁 I’ve seen some albums in iTunes though, so maybe Apple Music has them. For now, I just use Soundcloud.

      • Yup I have the same issue with Spotify too. I can’t find some of the music I like. They are Mandopop though, so maybe it could be because Asia isn’t their main target market yet.

        I think I oversimplified my point about the dark theme during the presentation. What I meant is Spotify should provide users with alternative themes because their dark theme may not suit every one. (I’m personally fine with it though)

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