First episode of CS3216

The first lecture for CS3216 was less of a lecture and more of a sharing session. The adventures of Colin was captivating and brought across the idea of being adventurous in our projects as well as in life.

“Ask for forgiveness, not permission”, that was the key idea that I brought home with me that evening. Often in many projects, even before development begun, I would begin considering about legality/copyright issues and due to the considerations, many projects died even before it started. After the first lesson, I felt that I should not be shooting down ideas due to legality issues even before development; like what Dr. Colin said, “if you do get into troubles with the law, it would mean that you have already succeeded”.

I also agree with the point of having to always validate the idea with the users, as what I personally view as acceptable may not be acceptable to the users, and the users are the reason why an application would succeed. Therefore, we should always look to create an application for the users and not for ourselves.

I really liked the superheroes and the show and tell session, it was a quick method for everyone to get to know each other as well as to find group members to work with.

I really enjoyed this first episode, and am looking forward to the weeks to come!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    Remember to leave one blog post a week yeah, both to reflect on yourself, and so we have a pulse on how the class is going.

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