This is a very good video on geoengineering and its varying solutions to the hotly debated topic, climate change. One of the methods mentioned in the video is the imitation of volcanic eruptions that releases sulphur dioxide particles so as to reflect incoming sunlight. In the long term, this may cool Earth’s surface temperature and produce the global dimming effect. An example would be the famous eruption of Mount Pinabuto on Luzon in the Philippines erupted in 1991, releasing 20 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide cloud into the stratosphere and resulted in a cooling of Earth’s surface for 3 years by about 1.3 degrees.

‘The scariest thing is that there is no backup plan at all’ and I support this statement. Even though there are many uncertainties with this method, but looking at the relatively unchanging behaviour and actions of the wider public, geoengineering may just be the solution to climate change in the near future.