I mentioned clouds being formed by aerosols in the previous blog post so here is a video on how aerosols are actually important key players in our atmosphere!

Clouds form as water vapour condenses on the surface of aerosols and become very large. When they are too big, they then fall as raindrops. Therefore, without aerosols, clouds and rain cannot possibly form in Earth’s atmosphere.

Cloud puns

The major role of many anthropogenic aerosols as cloud condensation nuclei strongly influences the size, longetivity and radiative properties of clouds (Stanhill & Cohen, 2001). In addition, solar activity is also linked to the amount of aerosol concentration present. Hence, research groups are willing to invest time, effort and resources in studying this issue and building sensitive, elaborate experiments which can reproduce the conditions in earth’s atmosphere in a bid to return it to a healthier state. This can be better seen in interesting geoengineering efforts to alter our atmosphere which I will talk about in the next few blog posts.


Stanhill, G., & Cohen, S. (2001). Global dimming: a review of the evidence for a widespread and significant reduction in global radiation with discussion of its probable causes and possible agricultural consequences. Agricultural And Forest Meteorology107(4), 255-278.