Okay Everyone, serious business over here. This is the MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR PLASTIC POLLUTION. The animation and the sexy voice of the narrator makes this a must watch. Oh yeah, the content is highly educational too!

A short summary of the video: The video tells the story of 3 plastic bottles. As you know, most consumers buy plastic bottles to drink and dispose after a single use. However, the plastic that is used to make the bottles tends to last forever.

The first bottle ends up in a landfill. Rainwater flows through the waste in the landfill and absorbs the water soluble compounds to create a harmful stew called leachate. Leachate move into groundwater, soil and streams to poison ecosystem and wildlife. Plastics in the landfill can take up to 1,000years to decompose.

The second bottle flows through the¬†waterway into the ocean and end ups in 1 of the 5 plastic filled gyres in the world’s seas. Animals mistake the brightly colored plastic bits as food and are wrongly ingested. The toxic waste bioaccumulates in the food chain. In addition, plastics don’t biodegrade. Instead, they undergo mechanical degradation to form small microplastics which rotates in the sea eternally.

The third bottle is spared the cruel purgatories of its two brothers. It ends up in a recycling plant where its is recycled for other usage. The third bottle is reborn as something completely new.

Moral of the Story: Recycle?