Now that its week 7¬†of the school term, I believe that most of the readers are probably really tired and stressed out. Hence, we’ll just sit back and read some plastic comics for a change!


I’m not sure why none of the outlets in Singapore practices this? If i were made to carry a bag like this, i would be so self-conscious of myself that i’ll bring my own recycling bag next time. I think that this is so much more effective than just charging people 10cents for a bag. 10cents is nothing for the wealthy Singaporeans.


This is so bitter sweet. You can help but feel kinda sad at this. Imagine a world where no flower blooms and we have to rely on these artificial ornaments.


I should better improve upon my recycling game so that i’ll have a better shot at dating/attracting a mermaid in the future!!! Maybe this is why there are shark attacks…. Hmmmm (obviously i’m kidding).


Plastic pollution is literally reinventing nature.