Hi Everyone, Welcome back to another installment of Plastic Nightmare. Before we cramp ourselves with knowledge on Plastic Pollution, i believe that its important for us to understand what plastics truly are.

Firstly, what is plastic?
Most of us come into contact with plastic on a daily basis, be it our water bottles, utensils, plastic bags or a range of other items (plastic chairs, laptops and even hand-phones).


However, we seldom stop to appreciate and think about how this material is made. Plastics is a a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc. Plastics are made mostly from petroleum products, including liquid petroleum gases and natural gas. In 2010 alone, 191 million barrels of petroleum products were used to make plastic products in the United States. This was equivalent to about 2.7 percent of all national petroleum consumption.

Plastics is immensely popular with consumers and producers today as its cheap to produce, easy to manufacture, water resistant, chemically inert and highly versatile. Increasingly, plastics have replaced numerous materials such as leather, glass and wood in the production of consumer and industrial goods. The pie chart below provide you with a glimpse on how pervasive plastics are in today’s society.

However, If plastic is so cheap, versatile and great to us, whats the problem? 

This is an important question in the next post. Cya!

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