Thesis Advisory Committee

Department Guidelines for Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)

  1. Postgraduate students enrolled in the PhD programme must have at least 2 regular TAC meetings after passing the Qualifying Examination II (QE II), no later than three month before submission of the thesis is expected. One additional TAC meeting to assess and confirm readiness for writing up the final thesis should be arranged.
  1. Supervisor is encouraged to form a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) within the initial 6 months from the start of the research project for the student assigned to him/her.
  1. Guidelines for the TAC rules:

i.        TAC should consist of the student’s supervisor, a TAC chair and at least one additional TAC member.
ii.       The TAC chair should have experience in graduate student training and strong domain expertise in the area of research undertaken by the student.
iii.      The proposed members for TAC should have relevant and recognized expertise to assess the work and to provide the necessary guidance to the PhD student, as evident from his/her track record. If such evidence is not obvious, the supervisor should submit a brief statement of justification regarding to the suitability of the nominee(s) to serve in the TAC.
iv.       Chair of the TAC should not be a faculty member from the teaching track.
v.        It is acceptable to nominate examiners of the QE II for the student as members of the TAC.

  1. Student’s responsibilities for arranging TAC meeting shall include the followings:

i.        The graduate students, in consultation with his/her supervisor(s), is fully responsible for organize the TAC meetings, failing which the graduation may be delayed or even compromised.
ii.       Every official TAC meeting should be duly documented in the Thesis Advisory Committee Meeting form. All attendees must sign and the form must be submitted to the Graduate Committee within 1 month from the date of the TAC meeting.
iii.      The graduate student shall keep a copy of completed and signed TAC meeting form, but the original copy should be submitted to the Graduate Committee.

  1. Click on the link to download the TAC form.
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