Graduate Modules

Module requirements

  • PhD students are required to complete a minimum of 24 modular credits (MCs).
  • MSc students are required to complete a minimum of 12 modular credits (MCs).

Graduate Seminar Module: PR5198

PR5198 (Graduate Seminar Module in Pharmacy) is a compulsory module for all graduate research students in the Department of Pharmacy. With effect from AY17/18 Semester 2, PR5198 will be a graded module. PR5198 is only offered in Semester 2 of each AY and all students have to clear PR5198 by their 2nd semester.

Statistics Module: MDG5108 or SPH5002 (or another level 5000 module)

All students should try to take one level 5000 module on statistics. MDG5108 (Biostatistics for Basic Research) is recommended by the Graduate Committee after reviewing all the potential modules on statistics. Alternative: Students in the Pharmacy Practice domain can choose to take SPH5002 (Public Health Research Methods) instead.

MDG5108 (4 MC) is offered by Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in both Semesters 1 and 2 each AY, and it is a S/U module. The timetable for MDG5108 can be obtained from the School of Medicine Graduate Timetable website. SPH5002 (8 MC) is offered by Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health only in Semester 1 every AY, and it is a graded module.

Pharmacy Level 5000 Modules

The following graduate modules will be offered by the Department of Pharmacy in the following academic year (AY2019/2020):

Semester 1 AY19/20 (Aug 2019)

  • PR5211: Pharmaceutical Analysis IV
  • PR5213: Pharmaceutical Process Validation
  • PR5217: Formulation Science
  • PR5218: Practical in Product Development (Lab Rotation)
  • PR5220: Bioprocess Technology
  • PR5221: Molecular Targets in Drug Discovery
  • PR5225: Preformulation Science
  • PR5234: Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics

Semester 2 AY19/20 (January 2020)

  • PR5198: Graduate Seminar Module in Pharmacy
  • PR5212: Advanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
  • PR5216: Advances in Drug Delivery
  • PR5222: Drug Metabolism
  • PR5224: Pharmacoepidemiology
  • PR5225: Preformulation Science
  • PR5230: Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
  • PR5304: Fundamental Topics in Pharmaceutical Science

For more information, please visit the NUS Module Bulletin.

Cross-faculty Level 5000/6000 Modules

Information on graduate modules from other faculties can be found on their respective websites or may be circulated prior to the start of each semester.

Module Registration

  • Starting from AY2019/2020, the new Module Registration platform within the Education Records system (ModReg@EduRec) will be used for the Module Registration Exercise.
  • ModReg@EduRec is the new consolidated module registration platform which will allocate modules to students according to the following rules-based priorities:
    – Curricular needs
    – Seniority
    – Module preference
  • ModReg@EduRec will replace all module registration systems used by individual Faculties and Schools, including the Centralised Online Registration System (CORS).
  • Click here for more information (e.g. user guide, schedule for the Module Registration Exercise).
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