Graduate Assistantship Programme

Graduate Assistantship Programme (GAP) Requirements for International Students

  • IS must complete the required GAP hours within the scholarship period.
  • Department must ensure that students complete the required GAP hours at least 6 months before graduation.
  • IS on GAP should not be allowed to sign the SO Agreement while s/he is on scholarship.

Mode of Clocking the GAP Hours as Listed in the Terms & Conditions

  • Only hours clocked after the RSB/AcRF/SSRTG funded scholarship has started could be counted towards the GAP requirements because the duties performed under GAP are in-service means to discharge obligations for the financial support received from RSB/AcRF/SSRTG.
  • Vice Dean may delegate (e.g. to Departments) as deemed appropriate.
  • Hours fulfilled within each category in excess of the maximum allowable hours for that category will not be counted towards fulfilment of the GAP requirement.


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