Interested in Research?

Calling for Volunteer Research Assistants! If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in helping out in projects conducted by the Personality and Psychopathology Lab, please contact Dr Ryan Hong (email: This volunteer experience will benefit you by giving you an insight into how psychological studies are being conducted and thus gaining some research experience. Such research experience will look good on your curriculum vitae should you plan to do an honors thesis or apply to graduate school later on.


Welcome to the Personality and Psychopathology Lab!

At the Personality and Psychopathology Lab, we are interested in the areas of personality, psychopathology, assessment of individual differences, and in the interface among these areas. In the personality domain, we work on topics examining personality structure (e.g., the Big Five), personality processes (e.g., self-discrepancies, personal projects), and their influence on people’s lives (e.g., subjective well-being, health outcomes).

In the psychopathology domain, our focus lies on delineating the etiologic processes implicated in the development of certain forms of psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance abuse), especially from a personality perspective. In particular, one current research emphasis constitutes exploring relations between dispositional trait structure and social-cognitive processes (e.g., ruminative style, anxiety sensitivity, poor self-control/regulation) and their combined effects on psychopathological symptoms.