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18th March Saturday 2017, 9am to 1pm
(Optional, sign-up basis. Only for those who attend the symposium. Visit is to two locations)

  1. Hello Neighbour! @ Tampines Central

Since 2012, HDB collaborated with NUS to study how neighbourhoods can be better designed to encourage community bonding. Two new design ideas were put to test in Tampines, under the Hello Neighbour! project. A participatory design approach was adopted to ‘co-create’ new community spaces with the residents, beginning with their involvement at the planning stage and culminating in the construction of the Neighbourhood Incubator and the Social Linkway, with interventions at various points along a walkway that runs through the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Incubator converts void deck spaces to flexible community living areas and facilitates community efforts such as events and workshops. The residents jointly determine how the space is used depending on their needs and wishes. Social Linkway introduces communal functions and facilities to the linkways to encourage residents to linger, thereby transforming transitory linkways into more meaningful social spaces, which in turn leads to increased chances for incidental neighbouring.

  1. WOBY! (Welcome to Our Backyard!) at Aljunied Crescent (P!D project)

Welcome to Our Backyard! (WOBY!) (2015) is both a playful critique of the ‘Not In My Backyard’ (NIMBY) syndrome, as well as a call for the community to come together in reimagining what an under-utilised plot of land in the Aljunied Crescent precinct could or should be. The project is centred on a plot of land that is sandwiched between two existing public housing blocks, where an elderly home and daycare facility (Geylang East Home for the Aged) are also located. Through facilitating a series of participatory programmes involving residents of the adjacent blocks, grassroots leaders, and senior citizens and staff at the Home, we seek to transform this transitional space into a well-loved and identifiable place for the community.

17th March 2017 Friday to 18th March Saturday Venue: SDE3, Level 4, Lecture Room 422, School of School of Design & Environment, National University of Singapore

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