Tiled vs Carpeted Floors

Different types of floorings feel different to our feet. Why do tiled floors feel cooler to the feet than carpeted floors? What about a wooden flooring?


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  1. i think this simply has to do with the fact that the carpet is an insulator, thus it traps any heat and loses it very slowly… also, if the feet is already warm… the carpet would not be able to conduct the heat away from the feet that quickly, so in any case the feet still feel warm…

    for the tiled floor it is a better conductor of heat, thus it conducts the heat away from the feet and loses it to the surroundings very quickly…

    wood, i would think is somewhere in between…

  2. The difference between tiled, carpeted and wooden floors is the material. All three of can be ranked in order of their thermal conductivity. Carpet has one of the lowest because of the trapped air spaces in between and air is a poor thermal conductor, hence making carpeted floors more resistant from absorbing thermal energy from our feet, thus making our feet warm. Tiled floors are better conductors, therefore tiled floors feel cooler than carpeted floors.

    Wood is a better conductor of heat than air (carpet) but a poorer conductor than ceramics, according the their thermal conductivities. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_thermal_conductivities)

  3. Carpets are made up of fibres which trap air and create a layer of insulation. Air conducts heat much better than solids, which makes a carpet hotter than a tile floor when the same amount of heat energy is applied.

    When our bare feet touch the floor, heat is drawn away from our bodies through thermal conductance. A tile floor have a much smoother surface, which draws away more heat from the body compared to a rough surface such as a carpet. This makes a tile floor feel much colder than a tile floor.

    A wooden floor stands in between a tile floor and carpet floor, as mentioned in above posts.

  4. The reason behind the above scenario lies behind the materials. Firstly,carpet is able to trap air due to its numerous air spaces (as it is made up of fibers). This makes carpet a poor thermal conductor as it is not able to conduct heat effectively away from our feet. An object with a higher thermal conductivity is generally cooler which explains the case for the tiled floor which feels cooler as it conducts heat effectively from our feet. As for the case of wood, it lies somewhere in between carpet flooring and tiled flooring as mentioned in the above posts thus conducting heat away from our feet to a smaller extent than tiles but larger extent than carpet.

  5. Tile is a good conductor of heat as it draws the heat away from our skin quickly, causing it to feel cool. Carpet is a good insulator of heat as it has fibers that trap pockets of air, thus impeding the flow of heat and causing it to be able to retain heat. Therefore tile floor feels cooler than carpet. Tile floor also feels cooler than wooden floor since it has a higher thermal conductivity as compared to wooden floor. Thus, the tile floor feels cooler than carpet or wooden floor. On the other hand, wooden floor will feels cooler than carpet since it is also a conductor of heat although it has a low thermal conductivity

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  12. Which conducts heat faster, a carpet or a floor tile, when they are exposed to the same room temperature

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