Welcome to the Optofluidic Energy Systems Laboratory at NUS !!!

Our research focus is not only on investigating fundamentals of small-scale fluidic and interfacial phenomena such as electrowetting, triboelectricity, and micro/nanofluidic interaction with photonics, but also developing novel nanomaterials and integrated micro/nano systems for following applications:

1. Optics applications:

  • High-degree beam steering via liquid prisms
  • An optofluidic tunable Fresnel lens enabling 3D focal control

2. Energy (solar/water/material) applications:

  • Optofluidic-based solar power technologies: concentrated solar energy, solar indoor lighting, and solar spectrum splitting for sustainable buildings
  • Triboelectric energy harvesting from waste water sources (e.g. raindrop, waterfall, ocean wave, etc.)
  • Development of high-capacitance dielectric and hydrophobic materials for enhanced energy applications

3. Bio and environmental applications:

  • Lab-on-a-Smartphone (LOS): an optofluidic portable device for automated sample preparation and on-chip microscopic detection
  • Smartphone-integrated environmental monitoring for on-site and real-time air/water quality detection
  • Pulse laser-driven high-speed biological sample generation and single-cell encapsulation