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October 20, 2011
by joystan

Project FIN!

‎A few of our NUSPEACE members and Project: FIN members participated in the event ‘Save the Planet, Cherish Our Health’ organized by the Yuhua Community Club last Saturday, 15 October. Together with several organizations/groups, our common purpose is to educate the public on importance of maintaining sustainability. It also marked our first collaboration with Project: FIN! 😀

Project: FIN is a member of the Global Shark Initiative which works closely with many NGOs around the world, with an aim to bring down the consumption of shark’s fins by spreading awareness to consumers and businesses.


At the booth, through getting the public to sample the mock shark’s fins (made of konnyaku) with vegan soup and carrying out a survey to gauge their level of understanding towards the issue of shark finning and consumption of shark’s fins, we realized that most of the elderly are totally unaware of the negative impacts of shark finning on our ecosystem and the consumption of shark’s fins on human health. Also, majority of those interviewed are unaware of the cruel slaughtering process of the sharks!


However, it is encouraging to find that some of them had heard about the cruelty of shark finning from their friends and families, and hence stopped eating shark’s fins! Therefore, we took this valuable opportunity to explain to the public on the complications of shark finning that result in depletion of sharks in the ecosystem. Like most of us, many were shocked to find out that shark’s fins actually contain mercury that can cause extensive damage to the human body!

Mock Shark's Fins- looks good?

Mock Shark's Fins- looks good?

After sampling the mock shark’s fins ourselves, I must say that it really tastes as good as the real one! Shark’s fins are usually one of the dishes served in banquets, weddings or other celebrations, but honestly, I find that there is no point in slaughtering sharks for their fins since it is tasteless and the fact that we can make it from cheaper and healthier ingredients.

We hope that the event has benefited those who came to visit the booth and also helped to pass the message of saying NO to shark fin soup! We will be collaborating with Project: FIN again for future events, so do look out for it!:D

October 18, 2011
by prab

Following Up…

On the 4th October, as a follow up to our previous event on the 28th of September, the NUS PEACE team attended the dialogue session with renowned Dolphin Activist Richard O’ Barry. This brilliant session was hosted by ACRES, whom had also partnered with us for the movie screening
At the session, ACRES Chairman Louise Ng updated everyone in attendance about the status of the RWS Dolphins and their ongoing efforts. Ric also welcomed many questions, not just pertaining to the dolphins but also dolphin and animal conservation in particular. Ric who also belongs to Earth Island Institute and stars in the Oscar Award-winning documentary “The Cove”, shared that he has successfully freed dolphins in Georgia, Guatemala and Russia.

He highlighted many points, some of which that asked RWS kindly to take a step back and think about their actions. He noted that it was not too late for RWS to release the Dolphins, and explained how it would not affect their earnings and might also earn some good karma.

Personally, I was very moved by his conscience, as he recollected much of his experiences. His also shared that we as a generation also have to set an example for the children and the next generation, as they will learn from us, follow in our footsteps and also inherit what we leave behind.

Having a chance to meet this esteemed gentleman, in a way, also fueled our determination to do what each of us as an individual can. If the determination of one single human could effect such change on a large scale, as displayed by men like Mr O’Barry, there is no reason why our NUS PEACE team cannot help the cause.

RazorTV video of our Saylin asking Ric O’Barry a very relevant question (He’s at 2:02)

September 29, 2011
by prab

Our Latest Event – Success!

This lovely dolphin was present today at the NUS Central Library, marking our latest event – The Cove Movie screening!

She was brought along by the lovely people of ACRES, who took much time off their busy schedules to come down and set up the dolphin, a panel of information about the World’s Saddest Dolphins, and even a booth to sell some merchandise and also get students who were interested to do their bid to add to the pictures in support of the cause. I got a badge, that I’m going to proudly pin on my bag!

The movie started at 630, and though personally I’ve watched it before, it still gave me goosebumps and put a lump in my throat. The movie was a poignant reminder of how an ugly trade not belonging in the 21st century, was still thriving in the world today. The message was clear, that definitely no dolphins deserve to be out of their natural environment and kept simply for human pleasure, and that they deserve to be free and unharmed. The beauty and intelligence of these creatures, as is any other, can never be justified through mere words.

After the movie, we had another added honour of having ACRES’ Executive Director, Mr Louis Ng drop in for a dialogue session with all those present. He presented all the facts of that which have been happening with the local dolphins, and helped us understand better why we should be feeling aggrieved at the current situation with the RWS dolphins. He also entertained questions from all present.

In all, it was a very informative and productive session. And while today’s event might be a small part in a larger cause, each new soul that we might have impacted and left a message with, is another step forward in achieving the goal to see those 27 25 dolphins swim free once again. And hopefully someday soon, not a single dolphin nor a whale is ever harmed again.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the ACRES Team and Louis Ng, for being so accommodating and working with us.
All our old and new friends, who took time off their schedules to come join us for the screening
And also all who took the right step forward with us.

September 13, 2011
by prab

Third Meeting – The Wheels Get Rolling

We held our third meeting on our usual meeting days of Tuesday, on the 6th of September at 6pm again. Missed the week before as it was Hari Raya Puasa. Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to all our friends 😀

Had alot of new agendas to discuss, the main part being that of the status of the Cat Cafe.

Keven updated the group on the status of the cats, especially those at the Business faculty. Amazing how smart cats are becoming these days!

Taking A Break During Lectures

Taking A Break During Lectures

We also had a debrief on previous happenings, especially for our newer members.

Siva’s chasing me to post this, so is my computer as it’s running out of battery. The world is conspiring against me!

September 13, 2011
by dbssn

Wrestling with admin

I’m with the student members and we are addressing a few critical needs for admin in any society or group, such as:


  • How to add members to the blog.
  • How to post.
  • Titling appropriately.

Google Docs

  • Everyone get a gmail account!
  • How to share a folder of files.
  • How to create and share a word doc.
  • How to open and share a spreadsheet.
  • How to chat.
  • How to publish as a webpage.

Hooray, we’re almost set!

August 20, 2011
by Lydia
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Second Meeting

We will be holding our second meeting on Tuesday, 23 August at 6pm (please note the time change). The venue will be the same as last time: Conference Room 2, Block S1, Level 3 mezzanine. Those who did not attend the first meeting but are still keen to join, as well as those who have decided to join after listening to what we have to say, should come for this second meeting.
Thanks to all who attended the first meeting! We have decided to press on with organizing the Animal Welfare Symposium. I’m also happy to announce that one of our alumni – Ong Say Lin, will be joining us again to help out with this! 🙂

One point to reiterate for those who were not there – NUS PEACE is an interest group, not a CCA. Hence, we do not give out CCA points.

See you all on Tuesday! 🙂

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