Senzo – Intimate Reminders for Dementia Patients

Our Division students Jolene, Si Min, Siew and Hao Jie participated in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow and has been shortlisted.

Dementia is a prevalent issue in Singapore, especially with our aging population. Living with a family member suffering from dementia is slowly becoming commonplace. From personal experiences, we strongly felt that there was value in empowering both the patient and their family. The patients would be aided to retain some independence which they are quickly losing. Family members could share the load of caring for the patient and connecting with them despite not being physically present due to busy schedules. Thus, using swept frequency capacitive sensing, we have our solution, a product, service and system: Senzo.

Please help them get through the next round by casting your vote to us!  Also, you stand to win a Samsung product for your vote too!  Please go to to vote.

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