Gizmodo selected Filpod as One of Seven Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had all Along

Filpod, designed by Eason, a Division’s recently graduate, has been selected as seven smart new inventions by Gizmodo.

A Backpack That Helps Move Bedridden Patients


Flipod simplifies bed rotation for non-ambulant patient to relieve respiratory & bed discomfort due to prolonged static positions while sleeping. This currently requires the supervision and help of the caretakers at the expense of their rest.

Simplifying the product to a simple pump assembly, two air bags and two magnets, it offers comfort with a personalised positioning of the air bag by magnets, as well as a pulsating inflation sequence to aid dynamic muscle movement during their sleep daily.

Flipod has been shortlisted as the top 20 in this year James Dyson Award. For more detailed information, please refer to

For the Gizmodo’s report, please refer to


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