Award-winning design offers crafting therapy

The Division’s successful cultivation of innovative designers was affirmed with the conferment of a Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014 on recent Industrial Design graduate Tricia Chean on 26 September at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. This is the 15th award presented to an NUS-affiliated designer since the competition’s inception in 2005.

Tricia received recognition for her craft kit, “The Handmade Cure”—now renamed “Bloom”, which she submitted as a Year 4 student last academic year. She refined her initial concept by changing its packaging and presentation to appeal to a broader audience.

Bloom redefines the treatment process for patients suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Based on the therapeutic qualities of crafting, it is a sensitive and non-invasive solution that removes the fear of stigma, while providing a structure to crafting that effectively guides the patient through treatment sessions. The motivation to create functional items also drives patients on the road to recovery.

For more information, please refer to Award-winning design offers crafting therapy.

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Gizmodo selected Filpod as One of Seven Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had all Along

Filpod, designed by Eason, a Division’s recently graduate, has been selected as seven smart new inventions by Gizmodo.

A Backpack That Helps Move Bedridden Patients


Flipod simplifies bed rotation for non-ambulant patient to relieve respiratory & bed discomfort due to prolonged static positions while sleeping. This currently requires the supervision and help of the caretakers at the expense of their rest.

Simplifying the product to a simple pump assembly, two air bags and two magnets, it offers comfort with a personalised positioning of the air bag by magnets, as well as a pulsating inflation sequence to aid dynamic muscle movement during their sleep daily.

Flipod has been shortlisted as the top 20 in this year James Dyson Award. For more detailed information, please refer to

For the Gizmodo’s report, please refer to


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Senzo – Intimate Reminders for Dementia Patients

Our Division students Jolene, Si Min, Siew and Hao Jie participated in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow and has been shortlisted.

Dementia is a prevalent issue in Singapore, especially with our aging population. Living with a family member suffering from dementia is slowly becoming commonplace. From personal experiences, we strongly felt that there was value in empowering both the patient and their family. The patients would be aided to retain some independence which they are quickly losing. Family members could share the load of caring for the patient and connecting with them despite not being physically present due to busy schedules. Thus, using swept frequency capacitive sensing, we have our solution, a product, service and system: Senzo.

Please help them get through the next round by casting your vote to us!  Also, you stand to win a Samsung product for your vote too!  Please go to to vote.

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Muse captures iF design award

A noise-cancelling office chair named “Muse” developed by two NUS Industrial Design creators has been awarded an iF Concept Design Award 2014 at a ceremony held in Hamburg, Germany, last month. The world’s largest international competition for young designers honours the work of exceptionally talented design students.

The 91 Award recipients were chosen from about 14,900 entries submitted by 71 countries. The competition’s organisers looked for concepts by students and graduates from all design disciplines, ideas that represent a response to future challenges and which consider intelligent and contemporary design strategies. The winning designs can be viewed on the official iF application, the iF online exhibition and the iF yearbook 2014.
Nigel Geh Keong Teck, who is entering his final year, and Kenneth Ang Shun Qiang, who just graduated this month, had designed the chair last year for a studio platform “The Living Office”, which was conducted by the NUS Design Incubation Centre in the Division of Industrial Design. The platform’s purpose was to discover new possibilities for the future work space and the creation of new innovations for both business and consumers.
For more information, please refer to

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DID students won the inaugural Launch Pad Asia awards 2014

Two DID groups won the two inaugural Launch Pad Asia awards 2014 in Singapore.

Haikal Aziz (left) receiving his prize from Raj Nandan (right), CEO of Indesign Media Asia Pacific

Division recent graduate, Haikal Aziz, whose simply titled “Light” entry was inspired by a play of lightness and balance. With this project, the designer says he wanted to find a way to “use a material that was heavy, yet looked light”.


Ken Koo, Asia President of Red Dot Design Award and one of the judges, says,” It’s simple, elegant and poetic. The unobtrusive design easily fits and enhances a broad variety of environments. The design is also professionally executed and exudes quality.”  The other jury member Alexi Robinson, founder of Hong Kong-based interior design firm Alexi Robinson Studio, adds, “The play of gravity is interesting as a tool for light manipulation.”

Nigel Geh and Gloria Ngiam receiving their prize from Raj Nandan (extreme left), CEO of Indesign Media Asia Pacific


DID final year students, Nigel Geh and Gloria Ngiam, for their “Spot” multipurpose light, which was inspired by the simplicity and functionality of industrial work lights. “With Spot, we retained the mobility of conventional torches and industrial work lights, as well as the dynamic rotational movement of theatrical stage lights,” says the team, adding that the object is designed to be used anywhere in the home.

Judge Wendy Chua, Designer and Director of design collective Outofstock says, “The idea is simple, the solution even more so. Although there are doubts as to how it is going to balance its weight in the desk lamp option, the execution of form and function does create a beautiful product that one can imagine using in one’s daily rituals, be it a bedside lamp or a bathroom light.”  Ken Koo adds, “The designer artfully translates a basic idea into an object of desire. The aesthetic appeals to your emotion and draws you to touch and use it. Every component is necessary and yet minimised, resulting in an appropriate presentation of the function, which is the illumination. The large diffused light source seems well capable of emitting good quality lighting.”

In addition, Leow Yuan Kai, DID recent graduate, his work “Polyframe” has also been shortlisted in the competition.

Polyframe by Leow Yuan Kai

Launch Pad Asia has three parts: competition, exhibition, and mentorship program. Its function is to nurture local design talent, bring it onto a national stage, and provide emerging designers with career guidance and feedback from established industry figures at a vital point in their careers.

In its first year in South East Asia, the expertly curated Launch Pad program of events goes far beyond its highly publicised, highly trafficked Finalists Exhibition of prototypes. Launch Pad promotes real relationships between people, ideas and products in design.

This competition is organized by Indesign Media Asia Pacific which is the first and only media company dedicated to architecture and design in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information about the competition, please refer to

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Two division design works selected in “Pick a bench, Pick a place”

Two bench design from the division will be placed at the Sentosa – Beach Station and Merlion Plaza and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.
“Pick a bench, Pick a place” is an opportunity for you to tell us where you would like to have more seating around Singapore. Choose from a total of 24 locations and 24 bench designs. 15 public spaces with the most votes will each have up to four unique benches installed. All benches will be made using seating planks from the former National Stadium.
DID instructor Hans Tan’s work will be displayed at Sentosa.
Raymond Hon’s work will be shown at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Rayomond graduated from the Division this summer.

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Clement Zheng featured in Intramuros

DID Instructor, Clement Zheng, was featured in Intramuros magazine about his design and creativity.

Intramuros July 2014 (small)

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Creative student designs for healthcare

Industrial Design students at the NUS School of Design and Environment (SDE) are harnessing their creativity to come up with designs that address real-life healthcare issues. They have developed innovative prototypes, including practical solutions for surgical simulation and easier bone marrow examination.

Undergraduates from Year 2 to 4 at the School’s Medical Design Studio have been exploring fresh ideas and approaches to create user-friendly devices that help medical workers improve care for patients. The Studio, an initiative of the Division of Industrial Design (DID) at the School, engages design students to contribute in the medical field through design-thinking by adopting human-centred design approach. The students are required, for each topic assigned, to work with National University Hospital (NUH) doctors for between 11 and 13 weeks on field studies and concept evaluation in order to translate their ideas into working prototypes.

For example, HAND, a surgical simulator by Year 4 student Raymond Hon Sui Ming and Year 2 student Loren Lim Tian Hwee, enables young surgeons to practise hand surgery. Distinct features and “landmarks” of the human hand such as knuckles and joints have been re-created on the “hand” by 3D printing. These features serve as reference points which let the surgeon realistically simulate the planning process of the operation. Also, by using surgical gloves which are easily found in a hospital, the designers were able to imitate the layers and tension of human skin. The “skin” allows a trainee to perform realistic incisions and sutures.

This project with 10 locally produced models have contributed to two successful training sessions at NUH, which will continue to be held every year. HAND was developed with the help of Dr Sandeep J Sebastin and Dr Lim Jin Xi from the NUH Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

For more information, please visit:

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Works by NUS industrial design students gain market traction

TODAY‘s feature on works like Flipod, Keyper and Crinkle, created by the students of NUS Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID), and how they have gained traction in the commercial market.  For the full paper, please visit

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DID alumni launch Singapore’s first business-sourcing platform

This was a report on museCrowd, billed as Singapore’s first business-sourcing platform that allows companies with jobs to be done to post a project for suppliers to bid through a tender/bidding system. The founders of museCrowd, Mr Jacob Toh and Ms Nancy Lai, are both NUS graduates. The platform started in 2011 when the founders were still students in NUS and it was incubated under NUS Enterprise. After graduation, they attracted the attention of angel investors and venture capitalists. Currently, the startup is funded by two venture capitalists and an angel investor.

For more information, please visit

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DID at Swissnex Singapore 10th anniversary

During this event a selection of five projects of the workshop organized with ECAL and DID has been displayed at the National Library the 11th June 2014

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Design : A State of Mind

Design : A State of Mind from Haikal Aziz on Vimeo.

People always ask us what we do as designers, and we’ve always struggled to give them a straight answer. So we’ve worked on it, and this is what our division students have come up with.

Design is not just a job, or what we go to work do; it’s a state of mind, a way of life. Design shapes the way we think, the way we see things, and the way we envision our world, to be.

The designers featured in the video are:
Afzal Imram –
Corina Tan –
Leow Yuan Kai –
Benjamin Xue –
Seth Chiam –
Yew Jing Yuan –
Felicia Clare Paul –

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