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Helping the cat community in NUS

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If you need to contact us, email us at:

For more urgent cases such as abuse of cats, cats requiring assistance, cat-related complaints, SMS/message us.

Let us know the following:

1) Date, time and location of any incident, how many cats there are
2) How many cats, and description of their appearances (colour, size, other features)
3) Your contact details for us to contact you should we need more information

(Personal information will be used for the sole purpose of information collection regarding incident, and will be disposed of after the incident is resolved)


Bob Gan
NUS Cat Cafe Project Director
Mobile: 91151650


Mr N. Sivasothi (Department of Biological Sciences, NUS)
NUS PEACE Staff Advisor

Dr. Stephen Lim (Department of Psychology, NUS)
NUS Cat Cafe Staff Advisor


  1. Hi i’m maryam sakeenah, a 2nd year sociology major and am interested to join to volunteer my help. Is there any way i could officially sign up? Thanks.

  2. Hi Maryam, glad to hear you are interested in joining! you can join our mailing list to be informed about our upcoming events/meetings. Just enter your email in the box above the “subscribe button” on the right hand column. Thanks~!

  3. Hi!

    First, can I say, I think what you’re doing is wonderful! I’m an ex NUS student, currently looking after a beautiful young 7 week old kitten. She was found in Sentosa a week after her birth, and caught a cold during one of the rainy days, causing both her eyes to get infected. One of her eyes have fully recovered sight now, which is wonderful, but her other eye has yet to recover. I brought her home because she can no longer be kept outdoors (since she won’t be able to defend herself), but my parents are now demanding I find her a new home, especially since work demands that I travel quite a bit now :/ I heard about your wonderful group through a friend, and was wondering.. Would your team be possibly willing to adopt her? She would need some constant attention and care, and would have to be placed in an indoor environment though, so I know that this is a lot to ask. I’ll also be looking to find a new place to move out to in the meantime, since I know that few people would be willing to dedicate so much time and effort to looking after her. Many thanks in advance, and please keep up the wonderful effort!

  4. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement! We could try and help you to publicize and call for adopters on our blog, Facebook and to our volunteers. Perhaps you would like to email us the details of the lovely kitten, such as its condition, appearance, temperament, photo etc. Our email is Hope this helps! 🙂

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