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March 8, 2017
by judy

Cat Walk 2017

Hi everyone, hope you are all well! We have had our Cat Walk 2017 last Friday (3rd March 2017) at Arts and U-town. A big thank you to all those who came down and all the feeders who kindly helped us out. I am sure there are a lot of mid-term tests going on these two weeks, yet all of you came down and stayed throughout the event. Thank you! I have some pictures taken from the event to share with you guys!

The participants interacting with our arts kitty, crumbs! She’s a shy one, but surprisingly allowed us to approach her closer than usual! Thanks crumbsss


Prof Stephen trying to make M33y Thay come out just a littleeeee more. That kitty’s a royal.


“yes human, may I help you?”


“nope human, not very interested, but thanks”


The participants, Dee (our U-town feeder), and sour plum the cutie patootie. She’s pretty shy but she’s nice :))


Fröken sourplum


“okay bye”


Our friendly Ashy

“hmm so many people are looking at me today, is there something on my face?”

That’s a wrap! Thank you once again, allow us to apologise for anything that we have not done as well. Do leave us a feedback on social media or email if you have any. We are glad to listen and improvise.

Lastly, do sign up for our Feline Therapy Project if you haven’t already done so, registration closes on 20th March! It’ll be happening on 25th and 26th of March, kindly refer to the poster attached below for more details.

See you guys around and all the best for school!

July 10, 2016
by x

[UPDATE] Feline Therapy Programme April’16

It’s me again!

FTPApril’16 was a huge success, where lucky students high in spirits got the chance to interact with the adorable Cat Therapists (therapists who are cats) of Cat Safari Singapore. Due to intense interest in the event last semester, we’d doubled the number of sessions and brought FTP to a bigger venue this time round — more space more cats, simple maths! Held at Cat Safari’s own space at Sunny Heights, NUSCatCafe partnered with and was joined by Voices For Animals (VFA) founder Derrick and VFA Volunteers.


Derrick speaking to participants








FTP highlighted the potential of companion cats as a source of therapy to destress. Throughout the programme, participants cooed and interacted with the free roaming therapy cats around the venue, many of which started as rescues coming from difficult backgrounds, hinting at the tragic reality some of these voiceless creatures face even today. We’d like to once again thanks VFA and Cat Safari Singapore for their cooperation to bring the benefits of FTP to NUS.

Pictures below are testament to the thorough enjoyment attendees felt during the programme. Pardon the blurriness!








IMG_20160422_165050 IMG_20160419_145321 IMG_20160419_161148 IMG_20160422_162344

July 10, 2016
by x

[UPDATE] CatWalk’16

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed posting, but here’s the writeup for last semester’s CatWalk. On the evening of 4 March 2016, a group of interested students went about the Kent Ridge Campus on a mini adventure, looking for our very own campus cats.

Accompanied by NUSCatCafe members, participants were split into small groups, travelling on prescribed routes to different locations around Kent Ridge to meet our resident cats. Along the journey, different speakers mingled and interacted with attendees, touching upon interesting anecdotes and  various cat-related topics such as our own Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) policy, reinforcing our mission to promote student-cat coexistence.







Prof. Stephen speaking to participants

Along one such route, students first went to FASS to meet up with Prof. Stephen Lim (our Staff Advisor + Volunteer Feeder) to be introduced to our loveable Arts Cats, Hansel and Crumbs.

20160304_184404 20160304_185556









Hansel (Top Picture) and Crumbs (Bottom), both with Prof. Stephen

The Business Faculty, which was just beside Arts, was up next. Attendees met with energetic Spot, who can be seen playing with one of our feeders below. The final destination was UTown, where students met with best friends Moo and Ashy, hanging about in a pair as usual.

20160304_190912 20160304_191115









Volunteer Feeders interacting with Spot (Top Picture) and speaking to participants (Bottom)







Ashy (Left) and Moo (Right) lounging about behind attendees

NUSCatCafe’s CatWalk allows students a chance to see a relatively unknown side of our campus (and her residents). In our busy student lives, we can easily miss the little details. We’ve hoped that participants enjoyed themselves on this night walk, and brought with them home fond memories of our community felines. We’re always on the lookout for Volunteer Feeders* (especially during Summer/Winter breaks)!

Last but not least, a huge thanks and shoutout to our Feeders who took time out their busy schedules to care for our campus cats continuously. Without their help, this event wouldn’t be possible. Appreciate y’all! (:


*Contact us @ if you wish to help us out!

April 1, 2016
by x

[SIGNUPS] Feline Therapy Programme April’16

FTP April'16 Poster









Hey Everyone!

Stressed from the looming finals? In need of a break after a torturous series of submissions? Fret not!

We’re teaming up with Cat Safari Singapore again and bringing FTP back — but this time, bigger and better! We’ve opened up two additional sessions compared to the previous sem, and are holding it at a bigger venue this time round: Cat Safari’s own space at Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road (more cats!). Sign up for any of the 4 sessions and feel your stress melt away while you interact with and gush at the sight of these adorable felines.

Dates: 19 & 22 April 2016
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm / 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Price: $10/pax ($5 – Cat Safari, $5 – transport+fundraising)
Venue: Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road
[Optional one-way transport from NUS available]

Signups @
Slots are filling up fast, so do signup ASAP to avoid disappointment!
Successful applicants will be informed nearer to the dates.
Contact us at for further enquiries,

Look forward to seeing you guys (:

November 17, 2015
by x

Feline Therapy Programme 16Nov’15


Hey Everyone,

We held our 2nd iteration of Feline Therapy Programme on 16/11/2015, Monday of Reading Week, and it was a success! Joined by Human and Feline Volunteers from LoveKuching Project and Voices For Animals (VFA), NUSCatCafe held two 1-hour sessions of FTP, bringing to awareness the benefits of human-animal interactions and the current reality of these voiceless creatures, many of which were rescues.

20151116_154924 20151116_144625

Presentation by our own Cats Member (left) and Briefing by Mr. Derrick Tan, founder of VFA (right)

Participants interacted with a variety of different breeds and conditions, but all cute and lovable. Each with their own unique charm, our feline friends kept participants enthralled and de-stressed for the programme’s run-time, in their own personal bubble of cat heaven. We would like to once again thank the volunteers from LoveKuching and VFA for their support. NUSCatCafe wishes the participants (and everyone else) best of luck for their finals! Below are the candid shots of event (pardon the blurriness)!

20151116_144520 20151116_144625 20151116_145231 20151116_150233 20151116_150921 20151116_150908 20151116_150655 20151116_150651 20151116_150555  20151116_150330 IMG_0860[1]  20151116_163015 20151116_15123120151116_151219 20151116_151214 Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-07-23          20151116_144237             Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-07-23 Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-06-41 Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-06-48





20151116_162111 20151116_152609 20151116_152226 20151116_152220 Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-04-48 IMG-20151117-WA0009 20151116_145645 20151116_145239 IMG_20151116_145634 IMG_20151116_145639 Screenshot_2015-11-17-17-09-13 IMG_20151116_152620 IMG_20151116_152621 IMG-20151117-WA0005 IMG-20151117-WA0006

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