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[UPDATE] CatWalk’16

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed posting, but here’s the writeup for last semester’s CatWalk. On the evening of 4 March 2016, a group of interested students went about the Kent Ridge Campus on a mini adventure, looking for our very own campus cats.

Accompanied by NUSCatCafe members, participants were split into small groups, travelling on prescribed routes to different locations around Kent Ridge to meet our resident cats. Along the journey, different speakers mingled and interacted with attendees, touching upon interesting anecdotes and  various cat-related topics such as our own Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) policy, reinforcing our mission to promote student-cat coexistence.







Prof. Stephen speaking to participants

Along one such route, students first went to FASS to meet up with Prof. Stephen Lim (our Staff Advisor + Volunteer Feeder) to be introduced to our loveable Arts Cats, Hansel and Crumbs.

20160304_184404 20160304_185556









Hansel (Top Picture) and Crumbs (Bottom), both with Prof. Stephen

The Business Faculty, which was just beside Arts, was up next. Attendees met with energetic Spot, who can be seen playing with one of our feeders below. The final destination was UTown, where students met with best friends Moo and Ashy, hanging about in a pair as usual.

20160304_190912 20160304_191115









Volunteer Feeders interacting with Spot (Top Picture) and speaking to participants (Bottom)







Ashy (Left) and Moo (Right) lounging about behind attendees

NUSCatCafe’s CatWalk allows students a chance to see a relatively unknown side of our campus (and her residents). In our busy student lives, we can easily miss the little details. We’ve hoped that participants enjoyed themselves on this night walk, and brought with them home fond memories of our community felines. We’re always on the lookout for Volunteer Feeders* (especially during Summer/Winter breaks)!

Last but not least, a huge thanks and shoutout to our Feeders who took time out their busy schedules to care for our campus cats continuously. Without their help, this event wouldn’t be possible. Appreciate y’all! (:


*Contact us @ if you wish to help us out!

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