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Trapping of Rosa & her kittens

Hello everyone!

The Science faculty recently welcomed a lovely litter of multi-coloured kittens!
Rosa, one of our Science cats, was spotted by a passing student on 16th April. We followed Rosa and discovered her 6 kittens. Within the next few weeks, we swiftly began the TNRM process.

On 21st April, 2 of the kittens were trapped. On 24th April, we managed to trap 2 more kittens that later joined their siblings. The fifth kitten was trapped on 30th April.  All 5 kittens were kindly fostered by our senior advisers, Dr Keven and Dr Wei Ling.
From left to right: Schrodinger, Ezra, Tesla, Nightingale

Finally, Rosa and her last kitten, Marshmallow, was trapped on 19 May and sent to a fosterer,

Rosa and her kittens were reunited at the vet where Rosa was also sterilized. They are now taken care of and are in the midst of the adoption process.

A special thanks to the NUS Cat Café team and our kind fosterers for helping out in this process!

*We are still looking for adopters. Please feel free to email us at or simply fill in the form if you are keen to adopt these adorable kittens!


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