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January 3, 2015
by kevinkucinta

Trapping of Belle and her kittens

Happy New Year to everyone!

On 17th December 2014, Belle was trapped for sterilisation, and released a few days later back at S9.

IMG_20141230_191457Belle before her sterilisation

On 21st December, Belle’s 4 kittens were trapped, with a solid plan for their fostering and hopeful future adoption. After some tense moments of difficulty, the 4 kittens were trapped and sent to a fosterer. Hopefully, they will be adopted in time to come, with safer and more comfortable homes.

740108511_46034From left to right: Citrus, Thyme, Gingko and Anise

Many thanks to Sabrina, Fedeline and Aaron for helping out!


Email us at if you wish to find out more, or are keen to adopt these cute tuxedo kittens!


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